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Privacy policy

  1. Controller
    MPS Enterprises Ltd
    Business ID: 0201148-3
    Paciuksenkatu 27, 00270 Helsinki
    +358 (0)20 7469 400
  2. Matters concerning the data file
    Our customer service will respond to questions and feedback concerning the data file within two working days. Please contact us at
  3. Name of the file
    The Recruitment and Personal Assessment Database of MPS Enterprises
  4. Purpose of processing personal data
    The personal data stored in the database is processed for the purpose of carrying out the recruitment and personal assessment assignments of MPS Enterprises Ltd. The data subjects consent to provide their data to the MPS Enterprises Ltd database.

    The purpose of the processing of personal data is to manage the recruitment and personal assessment client relationships and to manage, maintain, develop, analyse and compile statistics on the contract and assignment relationships between recruitment and personal evaluation clients and MPS Enterprises Ltd. Personal data is also processed for the purpose of MPS Enterprises Ltd’s own recruitment as described above. The application is stored for two years from the date the application was submitted or the applicant updated the application. After two years, permission to continue storing the application will be requested from the data subject.

    Personal data is also processed for the purposes of MPS Enterprises Ltd’s job applicant communications, client feedback surveys, opinion surveys and market research as well as for planning and developing the business operations and services of MPS Enterprises Ltd. Personal data is stored for as long as is necessary for their intended use. Personal data contained in the customer and decision-maker register will be deleted when the information used for marketing actions is identified as obsolete or unavailable.

  5. Data content of the file
    The data to be stored is indicated on the application form for each job opening. All data provided by the data subject concerning themselves is stored in the data file. The data subject can update their application with the credentials they are given.
    The data file may contain personal data as per the following groupings:
    • Name
    • Date of birth
    • Gender
    • Home address
    • Telephone number
    • E-mail address
    • Job title
    • Salary requirements
    • Fringe benefits
    • Information related to the person’s employment
      • Employment history
      • Educational background
      • Information concerning recruitment and the end of the employment relationship
      • The assessment, training and security information of the employee
      • Information about holidays and absences
    • Attached data such as the application and CV
    • Recorded replies to video interview questions
    • Other data necessary for the purpose of the data file
  6. Regular data sources of the file
    In addition the applicant themselves, the data sources include the potential referees named by the applicant as well as the persons involved in the selection process of MPS Enterprises Ltd. The data recorded in the personal data file is collected from the data subject themselves by phone, online, during meetings or by other means.
  7. Regular disclosure of data
    The recruitment and personal assessment database of MPS Enterprises is an online database. The application submitted in connection with a specific assignment, as well as the potential additional information included by the data subject, such as attachments, are disclosed to the client (employer) who ordered the recruitment or personal assessment.

    The controller discloses data to third-party subcontractors. The data subject consents to this when providing the data. The data is not disclosed outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

    The data is not disclosed to outsiders or used for other assignments without the consent of the data subject unless the disclosure of data is based on statutory obligations or government regulations.

  8. Principles of file protection
    Personal data is kept confidential. Only the employees whose work gives them the right to process customer data have access to the system where the personal data is stored. Each user has their own username and password for the system.
    The data is collected in databases that are protected with firewalls, passwords and other technical measures. The databases and their backup copies are kept in a locked space, and the data can only be accessed by specific previously appointed persons. Personal data will be stored as long as it is necessary for the purposes of the personal data.
  9. Right to access and erasure
    The data subject has a statutory right to access the data concerning them that has been stored in the personal data file. The request for access (incl. the request for erasure) must be signed and submitted in writing to the address of the controller provided above. Processing one request for access per year is free for the data subject.
  10. Right to rectification
    The data subject also has the right to request rectification of inaccurate data in the data file. The request for rectification of data must include a specification of the data to be rectified as well as the new rectified data. The request for rectification must be signed and submitted in writing to the address of the controller provided above.
  11. Other rights
    The data subject has a right to object to the processing of data concerning them for direct marketing as well as market research and opinion surveys. This kind of objection can be submitted to the controller’s address provided above, or the objection can be made by, for example, unsubscribing from a mailing list as instructed in the marketing communications.
  12. Automation used for profiling and decision-making
    The service does not use automatic decision-making.
    The analytics tools (Facebook Pixel and LinkedIn Insight Tag) used for the service are used, for example, to understand the customer’s website behaviour, to create advertising target groups as well as to show the advertisements to the right people.
  13. Modifications to this description of file
    We are continuously improving and developing our services and websites, which means that the descriptions of file may occasionally be modified. We will publish the updated description of file on our website and record the date it was updated on it. Please read the description of file every now and then to receive up-to-date information about potential changes.

    Updated 6.10.2020.